2 more things I learned from losing 7 stone (45KG)

Once again folks if you came here expecting marketing go to my earlier posts its all students that read this blog now anyway. That’s right folks I’m rinsing this idea one more time! You all know the weight loss story now so here’s 2 more things I learned from losing the weight of a small human

Do it for yourself. There’s a lot of people that can be impacted by a weight loss journey. Friends, family, even teachers may be inspired by this kind of thing. You must make sure though that you are the reason you do everything you do daily. All the days where you wanna stop, all the days you can’t be bothered walking or tracking or whatever it is. You need to have a vision. One that lights a fire in you like nothing else in this world. It could be a weight loss goal, a goal simply to be happy. Just make sure that the end goal isn’t controlled by a decision that someone else must make. Trust me. I learned that the hard way all the way back in May.

Your idea of who you are can change all the time. If you’d have said to me this time last year that id have been to a fitness event, become pals with personal trainers, meet Mr Motivator, be doing canoeing and playing tennis regularly and hell running 28 miles in 25 hours! I’d have thought you were mental. I’m not the same wrestling obsessed fat guy I was in January. Am I still a bit socially awkward? I am indeed! Am I still a no-nonsense talker who doesn’t care what people think? You’re damn right. What I am now though that I wasn’t in January is I am active. I’m a guy that values myself highly and wants the very best. I’m a guy that is more confident about going out and having a good time. I’m a guy that BELONGS in the fitness industry. I’m a guy who feels its my job to help people do what I did, feel what I felt and make themselves the very best. I’m a guy that in the middle of a pandemic didn’t blame circumstances or said 2021 was gonna be crap, I took responsibility and can say now that 2021 so far has been a phenomenal year. The best lesson I could ever learn from losing 7 stone. The best thing I learned from doing all that stuff you see above.

That it’s possible.

This is a blog that if you can’t tell I loved writing. Let me know what you think of it below. Comment something nice that would be cool and ill see you all very soon. Until then don’t do anything I wouldn’t do and if you can’t be good be careful.

Ross x

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