3 things I learned from losing over 7 stone (45KG)

That’s right people this one is all about yours truly. In January this year I was 173KG or just over 27 stone. Now I come in at somewhere around 125KG or ballpark around 20 stone. Since lockdowns and all that jazz happening people have literally ballooned and I understand but here’s 3 things I’ve learned since being on this journey.

1. Small steps matter. When people try to lose weight, they go all guns blazing then they stop, because that isn’t sustainable. When I started all, I did was track my calories and get outside once a day to do 6000 steps. It really is that simple. Lockdown was the best thing that ever happened to be because it helped me build a foundation for weight loss without the gym. Calorie deficit and that

2. CARBS ARENT THE ENEMY!! Why do so many people hate carbs? Rice is delicious and don’t get me started on bread. The reason you are the size of a house isn’t the fact that its bread you’re eating it’s how much of it you are eating. Carbs are essential and they make up a balanced diet. The only thing you should care about if you are trying to lose weight like I did is energy in vs energy out. Make it a goal every day to burn more calories than you take in.

3. You can change your set of beliefs multiple times a year, change who you are. When I started this year, I was a depressed overweight mess, picture attached. Now I’m healthier than I’ve ever been, and I recently went to a fitness event with a bunch of other fitness legends. Being an active person is a belief system that sees someone take the stairs instead of a lift, opting for diet coke instead of coke and living each day as if their tomorrow depends on it, which it does.

In the last 10 months I’ve learned a lot so ill likely do another similar blog like this. What I would like to say before I sign off though is that the people around you matter. I am incredibly lucky to have a set of friends that fired me up, dug me out of my hole and drove me to become more. A group of friends that stopped me messing around and helped me get my act together. Without the group of amazing people, I have in my life every day. None of this would be possible, my weight would have got worst, and I likely wouldn’t be here writing this blog. This is where I express my gratitude to those people and everyone that has every commented on this journey or said something nice to me. The best part? We are just getting started mush!

There’s 77 days to 2022 when I write this blog so get ready because we are coming for you and we are coming in hard and with relentless commitment. We do what we said we would.

That’s another blog from me! This one has been very fun to write. If you have enjoyed it or have taken anything from it let me know please in the comments. I’ll see you all very soon. Until then don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. If you can’t be good be careful.



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