Hope is for losers

Okay so this blog has basically become health and fitness for the time being, but we move. This one is all about from the neck up. Today I wanna talk about a few things

Energy! Its not something you magically have, its not something you are born with. Energy is something you create; you can generate energy. It’s no coincidence that you feel good. I could change your mind right now. I could make you excited by asking what you are looking forward to in the rest of the week. Energy is controlled by your focus and if you focus on crap youll have crap energy. You don’t need Lucozade for this either! When I feel bad or unenergized I do something from the mental lit of things I know will light a fire in me. Reading a chapter of a book, listening to good music, get outside and walk. Stop thinking having energy is a coincidence.

Focused attention. Having a plan for the day is a must for transforming your life. If you don’t have a plan and focus your mind, you’ll go through the day HOPING that something bad doesn’t happen, HOPING someone doesn’t hurt your feelings. HOPING You have energy. Hope is for losers! You’re not a loser mush! Chance is for losers. Focus on challenges that electrify you or you’ll attract challenges that don’t. As yourself these simple questions. How do you wanna feel today? Why do you wanna feel that? What can you do to feel that way? Who needs you to TURN UP and make their life better today? There’s no such thing as a life without challenge and even if there was, we’d still find a way to make a mess of it. So seek out challenges that electrify you, or you’ll attract challenges that don’t.

This isn’t an easy thing to do so it will take time, but I truly believe if you ask yourself the right questions every day over time you can become someone that is unbreakable. Someone that doesn’t rely on hope. You wanna feel hopeless mush? Go ahead and rely on hope. I’ve learned this stuff the hard way and its not pleasant at all. I’m sure you’ve learned it the rough way too.

That’s another blog from me. If you have enjoyed, it or just fancy commenting something nice then that would be amazing if you could tell me your thoughts. Ill see you very soon. Until then don’t do anything I wouldn’t do, if you can’t be good be careful

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