Landlords don't accept followers as payment

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

Now. This is where we separate the good trainers from the bad ones. Do you wanna be in the fitness industry to get famous and promote Herbalife like a charlatan or do you wanna help people? If you answered the first one probably stop reading here. You guessed it todays blog is all about social media.


The goal of social media is basically to let people know you exist and take them to a place where you can make sales. If you have 1 million unengaged followers that’s not going to be much help to you. If however you have 1000 followers that are super engaged its going to be a lot easier for you to decide what these people care about and exactly how you can help them.


The problem you have is that to someone until you post good valuable content you may as well be the bottom of the barrel in the fitness industry, or as people call him by name, Joe Wicks. People have been let down before by this industry and most of your clients will likely have been shafted previously by slimming world and keto. You need to be different, someone people can trust. So just post content that makes you seem like a decent person and know what you’re talking about. Just have a sense of humour too it helps. People also benefit from the energy you bring, what if you are talking on a story gives someone the motivation to go a walk today.


Finally, don’t hold back information because you aren’t being paid for it. All the info is out there anyway its just your job to make it digestible and easy to understand. Followers will appreciate this and maybe one day they’ll see what your paid content is like. You may aswell go all out and make content that you enjoy making and that your audience will enjoy watching,


TASK- Look at the type of client you want then put yourself in their shoes, what would appeal to you. Write that down on a piece of paper. Make it real. Then share it with the world using the hashtag RosscoTalksMarketing and the Hashtag PerfectClient.


That’s another blog from me. Please do comment on this if you have enjoyed it or found it useful. You can find me on my socials @rosswilson136 or @rossco3164. Ill see you all very soon, until then don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. If you cant be good be careful

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