Stress and Arsenal- Forever linked

Now I’m an arsenal fan yeah so, I know all about stress! Let’s talk about stress baby! Let’s talk about the NLD! If you know you know! Nah seriously there’s a real point here. I’ve seen friends get mad flustered about stress. I’m talking about friends going from smiling like Ole GS to Steve Bruce in a matter of minutes.

All stress comes from friction. Two things rubbing together. What these two parts are is your perceived reality of a situation and your expectations about how that situation should be going. Most commonly it’s the expectations that are the problem. People seem to think ‘this should be easier’ or ‘this should be more comfortable’. Why is that a problem and how can you get around it? It’s a good start to understand one simple idea. LIFE WILL ALWAYS REMIND YOU THAT IT’S A GROWTH CENTRED EXPERIENCE NOT A COMFORT CENTRED EXPERIENCE. Read that again. You are going to face discomfort regardless of what you do, there’s a whole lot of discomfort in being comfortable.

So, embrace your stress and realise that this is the part of your journey that makes you grow. Its not always going to be plain sailing but if you can focus your mind, have a clear vision and push your limits you can become something special. Changing your expectations will help you massively with this. Drinking green tea might help too though. Most of the time people waste more time stressing than they do on their actual work and that creates more overwhelm and the cycle continues. To stop this, ask your mind questions and steer your mind in the direction it needs to be in. It takes practice but it’s worth it not to be a stressed out riot every time a deadline comes up.

Anyways that’s another blog from yours truly. If you have enjoyed this or just want to call me out for mentioning that I’m an arsenal fan, then please do comment below. We won last night so chill weekend for me. I’ll see you very soon, until then don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. If you can’t be good, be careful.


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