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YOU will change your life

So! This weekend for me was spent in Newcastle with Paul Mort. Ive mentioned him before and you’ll know he has had a huge impact on my life. He was running a live show on Friday night which posted a bold claim. Paul Mort Will Change Your Life. Two days on what did I take from it?

Mind your language. Ive always believed I'm socially awkward. Ive just never been good with people. He challenged that belief and asked how do I know I'm socially awkward? Well it shows in the conversations I have I thought. He then asked who would I be without that thought? Now I'm in deep, aren’t I? Well id be someone that wasn’t socially awkward wouldn’t I? I’d be more confident, wouldn’t I? The point is the story we have about ourselves defines how we act and that creates someone that isn’t who we are.

Fuck. This. Shit. Paul Mort told a story which led to complete embarrassment. That led him to say he needed to get his stuff sorted. He made us think of something we have put off fixing, something that we feel we can’t put up with anymore. For me it was a relationship I’ve had for nearly 2 years. Think of that thing right now and say it with me. Fuck. This. Shit. Fuck. This. Shit. Fuck. This. Shit. Make a commitment to fix it right now. Like I have the last 24 hours. Its uncomfortable as hell but its worth it.

I have the life that I'm willing to put up with. I'm not where I am right now by accident. It’s a result of my previous actions. The reality is this, I didn’t end up 27 stone because of anybody else but myself. Paul Mort didn’t end up standing on the edge of a cliff because of anybody else. If you don’t change, you’ll reach a point eventually that you are unwilling to put up with, and only when you are unwilling to put up with it will you be willing to do the work.

So, what if today was the day that you draw a line in the sand. Accept that your life up to this point is on you. What if today was the day that you commit to doing something different. To stop messing around. Nobody is coming to save US. Nobody is gonna journal or US, workout for US, get up earlier for US. Nobody is gonna do it for US and I say us because I'm doing it with you. To quote the last line of Paul Mort. ‘Be willing after tonight, to make your life not a warning, but a fucking example’

Once again thank you for reading these blogs. I have some things I need to attend to when I arrive back in Glasgow. Some different things to focus on. I will promise you this though the next blog I write will be another direction. Now if you’ll indulge to just for one moment as I embrace my inner wrestling fan. I would like to wish you all, for now. Goodbye, Mwah, and Goodnight. Bang! I'll see ya all very soon.

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