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Updated: Oct 16, 2021

Right folks welcome to my second blog or whatever order you read these in. This one is basically going to be my horrific attempt to explain the sales funnel so that even someone like Joe Wicks can understand.

If you look at the pic of the funnel that I stole from google images you’ll see that it narrows as you go down to people buying from you. Essentially the wider section the more people are involved in each section. There are a lot of sections to talk about in this but for sake of this blog not being a thousand words long ill focus on 2 sections.

You must let people know you exist. This is where social media is amazing. Posting funny videos or reels will get eyes on you and help you establish yourself as a PT. Valuable content helps with this and will start moving people down that funnel. You can grow your following by just turning up on social media every day. People will see you eventually so just be consistent.

The consideration phase is unfortunately where you pay for all the fitness industry’s sins. People have been let down before by people in this industry. People that have promoted keto diets, juice cleanses and calorie amount that would make a dog lose weight. How do you convince these people that you are different? What makes your approach different from everyone else? You do this in the dark though however building the foundations on social media is a great start. By building these foundations you can confirm what the clients have believed when they came to you. It’s a harsh part of selling and it requires you to really believe in what you are selling. You can’t make everyone a client so sell with the understanding that whether the client joins or not whatever decision they make is the best decision for them right now. It’s a decision they make to make themselves feel better.

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