What’s this all about and how can I help you?

Hello! Hopefully you are on this blog if you are a personal trainer or generally a professional within the fitness industry. This blog is designed to help you with the things that you need to grow your business from the sales and marketing side. This blog will always be 100 percent free to access with none of those annoying pop up adds that you see on most other blogs. All I ask that you do to maintain this gold standard is to comment on the blogs if you found it useful, share the blogs with people that may find them useful and to use the knowledge in the blogs to help as many people as you possibly can.

So, who is the person behind this blog. Ross or Rossco, either is perfectly fine, is a business student at the University of Strathclyde specialising in marketing and Human Resource management. I am not new to the fitness industry either. I started my own fitness journey in January of this year and in that time up to now I have lost just over 7 stone (45kg). When I was at my biggest physically and lowest mentally, I took solace in the fitness industry. The fitness industry gave me a path to reinvent myself, it gave me a reason to get out of bed and most importantly it gave me a new passion. In August of this year I attended the International Fitness Summit in London, UK. This was the biggest ever fitness business event on UK soil and since then I have been arming myself with everything, I could need to help the people that helped me change my life.

That is what this blog is all about, giving back to the industry that gave me so much. I of course have the extra marketing knowledge that comes with taking up a degree in the subject, making me the perfect person to help you help others. I know there are a lot of world class trainers and coaches out there who do what they do on a level that is unmatched. It’s my mission here at RosscoTalksMarketing to give those types of individual the tools they need to help as many people as they possibly can in as productive a way as the possibly can.

This blog is just a small introduction of what is to come so please do stay tuned. There should be a box on the screen to drop your email to make sure that you get notified every time one of these blogs are uploaded so please do subscribe. Its free what have you really got to lose? I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog I'll see you all very soon, until then don’t do anything I wouldn’t do, if you can’t be good be careful.



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