You are cool, so just be that.

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

Right people this blog is all about you. You are weird and wonderful! How many generic fitness professionals have you seen that all do the same thing as each other? Its tiring! Thankfully Rossco is here to tell you to wear those budgie smugglers and just be yourself.

As much as I don’t like Joe Wicks, he’s too handsome for fitness look at that hair, he doesn’t care about what people think. The man gassed out his whole studio live on YouTube and laughed it off on good morning Britain! The energy you give off will determine if someone likes you or not. I’ve got a friend Aishah and she is the most energetic and unapologetically herself person I know and I love her for it. When everyone else was rinsing Grenade for all their free stuff and their tank, a literal tank she was doing that whilst running about asking people for piggybacks! You too can also expose youself to this level iof energy (thank me later) @ieesha_thefitlife!

This extends to social media too. Nobody can stop you from posting what you like, for calling people out or doing anything you please. Even if you are the most professional person ever, eat your 5 a day and all that rubbish you’re still going to die one day. So, do something stupid once a week, do something childish once a day.

Embrace exactly who you are. Laugh about what you aren’t so good at and shout to the rooftops what you are good at. The second you stop taking yourself too seriously is the second you stand out more than 99 percent of all the other mundane people. Just be over the top. If you struggle to do this, I have a task for you from the one and only Dr John Demartini

Task- Traits of the greats. Write down someone you look up to and the traits you admire about them. You can only identify traits in someone else because you too possess them. When you have a list of traits write down where you have showed these traits in your life.

This blog helps you sell to more people because it helps you stand out! that’s another blog from me. Ill see you all very soon, until then don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. If you can’t be good be careful.

P.S here’s some photos of me that I love!



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